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Vox Pop - Mar. 10

Freedom of speech alive and well

I recently submitted several opinions I have regarding some federal and state issues to Vox Pop. I want to thank you for publishing all of them. Freedom of speech is alive and well via the Dispatch. Keep up the good work!

Sexist to keep only boys’ sports

As a senior student in the Brainerd district, I was appalled by the “Eliminate extra programs” Vox Pop in Tuesday’s paper. I participate in cross county, Nordic skiing and softball along with band and orchestra. There is no way I would quit all these sports and activities. For one, these things are a source of entertainment for people. Two, that is extremely sexist to keep only boys’ sports. Equal rights’ laws wouldn’t allow that. Lastly, if they’re going to get rid of sports, leave hockey. For Pete’s sake, you live in Brainerd.

Early out explanation

ISD No. 181 has scheduled its early out days on Wednesdays because there are no games or performances on that day (at any level) due to evening church activities. To have the early outs held on any other day could possibly interfere with games/activities that cannot be scheduled on Wednesdays. Thus, this is a good decision by the administration to not interfere with activities that include hundreds of our students.

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