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Vox Pop - Mar. 13

Too much illegal stuff going on

When the vulnerable people go to vote then a family member should be notified and be able to go with them, not hired help. It’s pretty ridiculous in the first place. The patient doesn’t understand what it’s all about. Don’t sweep this under the rug. It’s a very big issue. I’m happy Alan Stene came forward. So let’s help the man. Too much illegal stuff going on. If you can’t read nor write, then don’t vote as someone else is voting your ballot!

Something to think about

Do all these people out there collecting unemployment or working for cash under the table and not paying taxes realize not only does this affect our total economy by resulting in higher taxes for those of us who do pay them? But it also affects their future in that their Social Security benefits will be lower because you will be having less work in earnings for these years when you could have been working and were not so that will reduce your Social Security benefits when you finally do retire. This is just something to think about.

Thanks for Today’s Deals

I’m reading the Brainerd Dispatch and I think Today’s Deals is really a good thing. Thank you to the Dispatch and thank you to the people who are offering their gift certificates. I think this economy needs some little perks like this and I for one appreciate it and I hope lots of people will start using it once they realize what a good deal it is.

A reason test scores are down?

Here we go again. More time off of school. Students should be in school in classes studying. Not being bussed all over for one program or another, one extra project, extra games, anything that can be thought of. Test scores are way down. Is it because the students aren’t in class?

Not a reason for no early outs on Fridays

Regarding the early out explanation in Thursday’s paper, early outs doesn’t mean that if they had it on a Friday they couldn’t have their sporting events or practices. I know our athletic teams practice and have games scheduled on Saturdays where we don’t have school and they also have those events scheduled over Christmas break. So just because they’d have an early out on Friday to allow some families to leave town doesn’t mean the regular activities wouldn’t go on as scheduled. I don’t believe the explanation is correct or a reason not to give early outs on Fridays.

Where’s info on ‘Idol’?

Why doesn’t the Dispatch occasionally list some information about the ‘American Idol’ channel 9 program? It’s one of the top shows. Thank you.

Don’t jazz up anthem

I agree people singing the national anthem should sing it right. This song does not need to be jazzed up. Let it be as it’s supposed to be.

People beware

Check your grocery and retail receipts when shopping. Twice at two different stores I was overcharged more than $1.


So this is what public unions have come to in this country? $7.5 million  in damages left the Wisconsin beautiful capitol by the sub-union people not getting their way and screaming at people elected by the citizens of Wisconsin. That’s what’s shameless. I’m sick to be a part of this whining group of people. Remember the damage to the community of Crosby-Ironton and Sauk Rapids. The union mess divided the communities for years.

Fashion alert

Spring fashions are now in our stores. Parents, when you allow your daughters to wear mini shorts and skirts and tight plunging shirts they are a sexual temptation to weak minds. Dressing like Hollywood sluts sends the wrong message. This leads to an immoral lifestyle. Appearance causes yearning in fools.

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