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Vox Pop - Mar. 15

Who’s paying 

for the gas?

I recently attended the Oak Lawn Township meeting last week where apparently now they have to have deputies present at. I was in there for over an hour and the deputy car outside was running the entire time.  With gas at $3.50/gallon, who’s paying for that gas??  

Garage sale sign etiquette

I wish people who have garage sales would take down their signs, not leave them up for weeks. And if you’re done for the day, take them down on the road first, not in front of your house only then leave them on road so people drive down the road looking for your sign but can’t find it. Wastes my time and gas.

Left- or right-hand turns

I’m calling in regard to people making either left- or right-hand turns. When you make a left-hand turn, you need to go into the first lane, the left-hand lane, not go all the way over to the right-hand lane. And when you’re making a right-hand turn you need to go into the right-hand lane and not over to the left-hand lane. Not only is it illegal but it’s also a traffic hazard. For safety and knowledge when you make a left-hand turn, you go into the left lane, and when you make a right-hand turn, you go right. You don’t cross lanes.


All of these union protesters are screaming, “Freedom! Freedom!” How can that be when you forced me to join a union that I don’t want to be a part of? It’s not freedom when you trash a public building, it’s vandalism. What if a deputy doesn’t want to be a part of the Teamsters? That would be true freedom, if he had a choice. Public workers negotiate with public workers. The taxpayers lose and there is no freedom in that situation.

Way to go!

Way to go Wisconsin Gov. Walker! Hopefully we’ll get some of that here in the state of Minnesota, too.

I know who it was

I can tell you who wrote the Vox Pop about eliminating school programs allowing only male basketball, football and band. This is an opinionated older male who possibly played a musical instrument in band and was either in sports or was interested in sports in his day. Has no children or grandchildren in school. The same man probably allows his wife to vote after telling her who to vote for!

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Becca Clemens
After graduating high school in 2004, I attended Central Lakes College in Staples, MN for 2 years where I got a diploma in Communication Art and Design. I then transfered up to Bemidji State University in, you guessed it, Bemidji, MN. In the spring of 2009, I graduated from BSU. Then in the fall of 2009 I got a job at Echo Publishing, a sister company to the Brainerd Dispatch.