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Vox Pop - Mar. 24

Diapers are definitely newsworthy

After a long, cold, snowy winter, all of us need some humor. I thought the baby diaper story was a kick! Seriously, think of the number of babies in Crow Wing County times five to eight diapers per day times three years (about the age most children are trained). Each baby will use about 8,760 diapers in three years. Take that times 25 babies and you have 219,000 plastic disposable diapers headed toward the landfills. That smelly news is definitely newsworthy.

Legacy fund

Why are Legacy funds being used to pay for a fishing guide’s presentation over at Forestview? That has nothing to do with art or nature or anything else but just a waste of taxpayer dollars. I think many of us are realizing we were right to vote no on that constitutional amendment for the next how many years. What a waste of taxpayer money.

Let us hear

I don’t know why we have the council meeting on TV when you can’t hear what they say or is this on purpose? Did you cut the sound at city hall the same as the street lights? You need to test things out before having them on TV. Please let us hear what’s going on.

Diaper story was timely

I’ve just finished reading today’s paper but I wanted to call in defense of the article about the diapers. I thought it was most timely, cute and I’m calling in defense of the whole thing. It’s about time some of these younger mothers were learning that there’s such a thing as a cloth diaper that can save them scores of dollars.

Time for some lighthearted news

This is in regard to “Diapers are not newsworthy.” This is a lighthearted story compared to everything going on in the world. I think it’s time that we have a little lighthearted news to relieve anxiety and to those of you who don’t like it, guess what, you have a problem.

Baxter plowing issues

What’s up with the Baxter plowing? Everyone knew about the snow coming and they don’t get around to even plowing once on the side streets until 10:30 a.m.? The snow has been going all night long. I realize there’s a shortage in finances but that’s ridiculous. Some of us have to get to work in the morning and to be able to plow our cars through eight inches of snow to get to Knollwood is ridiculous. They could’ve at least plowed once before 6 a.m. so those people that needed to get to work weren’t stuck.

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