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Vox Pop -April 7

Bury your money

Mysterious forces are at work again. Bankers, Wall Street speculators and greed led to the near collapse of our economy. Greed is not gone, however. Those forces are at work again. Speculators are using oil as their new vehicle to get your money. There’s no shortage of oil; it’s simply speculators manipulating the prices for their benefit. Between big oil, big pharmacy, big insurance, Republicans, Tea Partiers and Scott Walker, your money is not safe. Hurry to your backyard and bury it while you have a chance.

Who cleans up an accident area?

I’m wondering who’s in charge of cleaning up after an accident? Two weeks ago there was an accident at the intersection of 25 and 18 and there’s still pieces of glass and metal in the whole intersection in that one corner and it’s scattered throughout the intersection. Shouldn’t somebody be in charge of cleaning that up?

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