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UPDATE: Final Minnesota legislative bills may be passed in middle of the night

Vox Pop -April 14

Litter is now visible

The sparkle of the snow has faded and disappeared from the roadside ditches. A new sparkle has taken its place. It is the shine from the bottles, cans, cups, paper and a variety of other litter. And who left litter? Could it be the good citizens, who in their own neighborhood are model citizens, but have a much lower social demeanor in somebody else’s neighborhood.

Not happening in your lifetime

People of Brainerd, please give it up on the fluoride issue. It’s the law. It’s not a poison unless consumed in vast amounts and wouldn’t you rather your children are able to keep all of their teeth through their lifetime? Just give up the idea that we’re going to get rid of fluoride in our drinking water in your lifetime. Thank you.

A baby needs both parents

Think before you act. Sex may produce a child that needs a mother and father.

Just say no to Obama’s health care law

I’m 27 years old and since I’ve been 18, which is when I would have become responsible for my own coverage, I’ve been to the hospital three times and my bills collectively come to less than $1,000. If I would have been paying an insurance premium this whole time, I probably would have spent over $10,000 on something I didn’t need. If you have a family, insurance is probably a good idea, but I definitely don’t think it should be forced on Americans. 

New math?

In schools, our children are learning new fundamentals of mathematics but our assessors of Crow Wing County have now taken it one step further. According to the Brainerd Dispatch, Crow Wing County froze its spending. Now you would think the amount for the county on your property tax statement for 2011 would be the same or less. Guess what? Not true. My estimated market value decreased approximately $23,000 and my property tax for the county increased $78. What goes? I think we need to send our assessors back to school or just plain replace them. What do you think?

So, which is it?

One day we read that the sports department at the schools is lowering their prices. They must not need the money. Then the next day we read the school is going to have to cut $4 million in costs. Make up your mind. And shouldn’t classes have priority over school activities? Isn’t it my job to pay for what my kid does after school and leave more money to pay what schools are for — education? (If you think lowering costs will make up by bringing in more to participate, is that a risk you can afford to make?)

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