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Vox Pop -April 15

Let’s be honest

I was sorry to read two more businesses are closing. I know of several more that are struggling. What’s wrong with our government? What’s wrong with cutting back from a 40-hour week to a 36- or 32-hour week? Don’t tell me workers (not just government) aren’t wasting at least four hours a week. I’m not pointing a finger here and saying people aren’t doing their jobs. Let’s be honest; the money isn’t there and it’s not fair for government to keep gorging taxpayers who are struggling.

Chamber’s name should be changed

With Brainerd’s unemployment rate being so high, I feel the Chamber of Commerce and the Brainerd City Council should concentrate ON getting industry and high-paying jobs in the area. By high-paying jobs, I don’t mean $7-$8/hour. I mean double that wage. The Chamber of Commerce is to attract business, not to attract tourists. Tourists leave after the summer but high-paying jobs stay. Nowhere in the definition of commerce is the word tourism. If this area keeps promoting tourism, we’ll need to change the chamber’s name from Chamber of Commerce, to Chamber of Tourism and Anti-job.

Needs help with reading?

This is in response to the Vox Pop on “New Math.” I got out my Crow Wing County statement and, yes, my assessment has gone down considerably, I won’t say how much. My real estate tax for the county went down over $200 than last year so I don’t know what this person is talking about. Maybe they need a little help with their reading.

I have to wonder

Both the Paul Bunyan Bowl and Sportland Cafe, two more businesses going down the tube, I have to wonder why this county doesn’t raise more taxes and make more regulations to close out more businesses. I drove by Sportland Cafe about eight times in the last two years and I didn’t stop because I thought it was closed. It does look like an abandoned building. This area is not going to recover until we figure out how to entice business, not can it. And maybe the Paul Bunyan Bowl can take a bus ride around town to make their point.

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