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Vox Pop- Apr. 21

Thanks for the concert

The concert at Tornstrom last Thursday was excellent! Thank you.

Times are changing

Science is not static; earlier notions about fluoridation are proving false. A blue-ribbon panel in Fairbanks, Alaska, analyzed the question: Is it safe and effective? Last month, after a year of study, the group of scientists and a physician concluded it is neither and recommended that fluoridation be halted in Alaska’s second-largest city. Read it here: To this point, fluoridation has escaped clear-headed review in small towns due to its protection by a bureaucratic orthodoxy that shuns critics. The times are changing.

Nightmare on 13th Street

For all that don’t know, the speed limit is 30. Living on Thirteenth Street has become a nightmare; pulling into my driveway I’m scared I’m going to get rear-ended. There are children who walk or ride bikes and many cars could care less if they see you or not. I really wish the police would patrol this area more. So please everyone, slow down, put your phones down and look out for pedestrians and other vehicles!

Editor’s note: The Vox Pop Dept. of Technologically Impaired wonders: Can you drive a car without talking on the phone?

Time and money

You have to wonder who would consider putting a bunch of money into a well and septic system knowing full well the city of Baxter could come along at any time and hit them with a big sewer/water assessment. I hope the folks at city hall didn’t spend a lot of time and taxpayers’ money coming to their decision.

Evening of entertainment

I would just like to thank the Brainerd Dispatch and Brainerd Public Schools for sponsoring the U.S. Air Force Academy Band. It was an excellent evening of entertainment. The musicians were wonderful and I just wanted to say thank you.

No more dreams

With my dreams all gone, I’m doing all right for the shape I’m in.

Why people are angry

Now you know why the government air controllers that sleep on the job are not being fired. They cannot be because of their union. No, they cannot strike but have a three-and-a-half day weekend. No, it’s not even negotiated. That’s why everyone is so angry.

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