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Vox Pop- Apr. 24

Stupid tickets

I still see numerous accidents are happening around town. There’s no snow, no ice, the sun is shining and people still are running into each other. I think it’s time to start writing “stupid tickets” for those who are taking up police officers’ time; they do in other states.


For the first time since the Great Depression, the government is literally giving away more money than it takes in. In 2010, 59 percent of Americans received $2.3 trillion in government give-aways while collecting $2.2 trillion in taxes. Aren’t entitlements wonderful?

Stirring the pot

We don’t think citizens should go to council meetings to air their vendettas against council members. Some just like to stir the pot and the council has enough to deal with. The chairman should have stopped it right away. Maybe she’s on his side. We know one council member is.

Willow is a raceway, too

If you think living on Thirteenth Street is bad because of the speeding traffic, try living along the raceway known as Willow. It’s a shorter street so apparently that means you have to go twice as fast. The kicker to all this is that the cops are sitting down there at the SuperAmerica for a good portion of the day. I would think it would be a very simple matter to police down Willow and then go on to Thirteenth Street but that doesn’t seem to be happening that way.

Need a back-up plan

Another closing — detox. Another 15-20 people out of work. I sure hope the counties served by detox have their own back up plan. It was a great service to the people of the counties that were served.

Detox needs a building

This is about detox closing. We’ll be closing and we need a building to move to. So if anybody knows of one that’s open or that they would rent to us, we need someone to step forward and help us with this.

Jobs in Duluth?

Hmmm...16.7 percent jobless rate in Brainerd. More to come, but I bet you might get hired in Duluth!