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Vox Pop- Apr. 28

Leave us to enjoy the progress

I would suggest that the senator read the book “Pastor, I’m Gay” by The Rev. Howard H. Bess, a clergyman in the American Baptist denomination. Then, in general, would all members of the conservative element of the Republican Party, the “Tea Partiers”, etc. please gather together, say in Arizona, where they can return to the 18th century and leave the rest of us enjoy the progress this country has made in all walks of life?

No respect

As you can see in the front page picture, bicyclists and pedestrians have no respect for motor vehicles on College Drive. How will a round-about fix this problem? One crosswalk with a signal light controlling pedestrians and traffic will be fine and far less costly. More enforcement of the automobiles, bicycles and pedestrians will help also.

Just the facts

People are throwing out salary numbers for public and private employees. The latest guest column did the same and, of course, with an outcome that only a union would love, but where did they get the facts on these numbers? Every study I have read places public union workers 25-40 percent above the private sector and benefits must be included. In this area I do not know of one employer that provides 100 percent of retirement in private sector jobs. Not one. If you’re going to put facts in a column, at least footnote where you got those facts so they can be checked by people that can read.

Live music is expensive

In response to the “Live music lover,” live music costs money. Bars and restaurants are already suffering economically. It’s a huge risk. Figure your overhead cost plus a band with no guarantee that enough people will show up to pay them. So maybe if you have 100 friends you want to bring, bring it. P.S. There’s plenty of live music in this area. I wonder how long it will be before you figure it out?

Unsigned letter

Why are we paying so much attention to this unsigned letter? I didn’t think they were anything to get too excited about. They usually hit File 13, don’t they?

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