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Vox Pop- Apr. 29

Dim and bright bulbs

Even the dimmest of bulbs will shine if enough juice is put to it. According to a new poll, 70 percent of those who identify themselves as Tea Party supporters oppose cuts to Medicare as a way of balancing the budget. ( Don’t expect much illumination from the Brainerd Area Teas, however.


The weather this past month has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that global warming is MIA — missing in action.

Get them out of here

Why in the world should the Crow Wing County commissioners be paid per diem in addition to their salary? Is going to meetings not what they were elected to do? Is that not what they are paid a salary for? Same thing with the mileage. If they were touring the county that’s one thing but mileage to go to a meeting? This is totally ridiculous and an unnecessary expense. Crow Wing County voters, please pay attention the next time you vote and see who is collecting this per diem and get those guys out of here.

Nice to see movie list

How nice to see the list of movies and times back in the paper again. Thank you. That’s great.


I think congratulations are in order for the Care and Share food program but it just strikes me as unbelievable that our Department of Health is that bloated with people that have nothing to do except force a church to spend $152,000 trying to give away free food. That is obviously a department that has way too many employees and not enough to do.

Pothole issues

The road in front of Kiwanis Park on College Drive, heading west, is ridiculous! The road is total potholes; you can’t avoid them! I am looking at a $200 car repair because of those potholes (and, yes, I know that’s what did it!). Think I can get the city to pay my repair bill? I know the road is set to be repaved this summer, but couldn’t the city do something now for that 500 feet of road?

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