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Vox Pop- May 10

The unsigned letter

Regarding the article on the front page of the April 20 Brainerd Dispatch, a letter was sent to Bob Olson stating concerns about airport safety at the Brainerd airport. If this is really such a concern, why was this letter sent to Mr. Olson instead of the city council or to the FAA? Since when do we put any credence in a letter that goes unsigned? For all we know this letter was from some air traffic controller looking for a place to sleep. 

No greed

Let’s not forget that rising gas prices and global warming and a lot of other problems in this world are caused by greed. So let’s get everyone to not be greedy. Oops, we can’t!

Need parking lines

I’m wondering if the city or school district could spare a couple of gallons of yellow paint to paint parking lines on the parking lot across from Don Adamson baseball park? Every time there’s a game, it’s a mess the way people park in there. The reason it’s a mess is because there are no lines defining the parking spots.

Let’s paint the plane

I cannot believe the airport removed the plane from out front and doesn’t plan to put it back. Good grief! Twenty gallons of paint and some volunteers, we can paint the bloody thing. This area is getting so dumb. I mean, conflict of interest? Some of them don’t have enough brains to have a conflict. Just absolutely obscene.

(The Vox Pop Department of Fear of Flying points out that the airport didn’t remove the plane. It was flown, er, moved because of the closeness to the highway.)

Enjoyed the Legacy Chorale

May Day downed overcast and filled with biting cold winds in the Brainerd lakes area. However, area citizens were blessed with an inexpensive, warm and inspiring sunny reprieve by attending the Legacy Chorale of Greater Minnesota’s first ever spring concert at Tornstrom Auditorium. A joy to observe, creator and artistic director Sarah Aamot of the nonprofit organization, presented a program consisting of beautiful, moving, upbeat, sunny and fun music for every age to enjoy. Keep watching the Brainerd Dispatch for future concerts.

Don’t need another casino

Come on, Minnesota. We need another casino regardless of where it’s located like we need more unemployment. We have enough social problems to deal with without one more casino.

Consider what you’re doing

Just wondering if you know where your children are at night? Perhaps junior high students? There has been a lot of vandalism in Brainerd lately and these students don’t have enough to do so they are about looking for things they can destroy. If you are one of the culprits reading this, please consider what you’re doing. Destroying someone else’s property isn’t being considerate of your neighbors.

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