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Vox Pop- May 15

They still don’t get it

Regarding the airport controversy, the response of some city and county officials makes it clear that they still don’t get it! Nystrom was the latest to display a view of this being a petty/damaging issue but there have been others. Maybe a class in ethics is needed. Elected officials earn public confidence through the integrity and impartiality of their decisions, and must consider how the public might reasonably view their conduct. There is no clearer conflict than being appointed to work with a decision making body on one hand that is paying you with the other hand.

Hope they know what they’re doing

Is it OK then, according to the clean up program, that people take things that other people have left out by the curb? Somehow I don’t know how much fun that’s going to be. It sounds like that will cause a lot of upset but I’ll guess we’ll see. I guess they know what they’re doing.

Here’s an idea

With Brainerd setting records every year for the unemployment capital of the state, why not eliminate business taxes in the city of Brainerd for the next three years, and if a new business starts, give them a five-year grace period of zero taxes so that businesses can finally afford to expand and hire. I realize the city council cannot possibly comprehend this idea but what’s their idea?

Some serious coin

Exactly who’s paying for all the junk removal from the city? People, Bob Olson and Bonnie Cumberland have failed to give you the facts. Each mattress that the city picks up costs $12. Each TV is rated $5-10 each. Each tire costs $3-5 depending upon whether there’s a rim inside. And $87 per truckload of junk. There’s some serious coin going out of the city to pick up this junk people should be paying to get rid of themselves. I certainly don’t want my tax money paying for this when there are better things to spend money on.

Don’t they care?

Perhaps the problem with our school is not budget cuts but spending cuts. Our administration keeps spending then whines about the need to cut teachers. Maybe we should cut adminstrators, not just re-title them and pay them the same salary. Don’t they care about our kids and our teachers?

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