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Vox Pop- May 19

Loyalty, duty, honor, integrity

These are just some of the values I learned in the Army. Shame on you, Mayor Wallin, for whining about holding others accountable. If Mr. Olson is holding every department head accountable, it’s his job. Mr. Wallin, people must be held accountable. Kuepers should pick which job he wants. The city council needs more members like Mrs. Koep and Olson. I ask the other council members and Mr. Wallin to look up the words loyalty, duty, honor and integrity. That’s what you owe this city as our representatives. I’d like to thank the Brainerd Dispatch for covering this issue fairly.


I’m asking for the entire Brainerd City Council to resign. They are anti-business. Case in point, the Crow Wing Recycling wanting to build a spot there so they can ship stuff easier. Brainerd doesn’t want to make things easier for business. They want to maintain the highest unemployment for a city in the state. This whole group is absolutely pathetic. Their only success in the last year has been picking up trash. Resign. Let a temporary manager take over who knows how to run a business and maybe this town can get back on its feet in 20 years.

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