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Vox Pop- May 22

See what happens

Your paper states District 181 hired a consultant to assist in negotiating with certified teachers. After reading the article, I wonder what the hourly rate of pay is for this firm as well as their anticipated expenses? Is there a maximum we can be charged? Also, are there any incentives for Ms. Maloney to help create a settlement in time to avoid a state penalty (District lost $200,000 last time)? Once the dust has settled, maybe the Board of Education will provide a report to the people. I’m suspicious of this open-ended board’s decision. Let’s see what happens.

Gay rights are your rights

Gay rights are civil rights. If you can be denied your right to marry the person of your choice because of sexual orientation, you can be denied any right for an equally arbitrary reason. Left-handed people can’t drive. People with green eyes can’t own a gun. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s the same thing. We look at the civil rights’ fight of 50 years ago and are shocked it was even an issue, that those people could be such bigots. Our descendants will do the same thing. Even if you’re not gay, fight for gay rights. They’re your rights.

Lack of support

Mary Koep stated at Monday’s meeting that she does not buy the Brainerd Dispatch. I was appalled that the president of our city council again showed her lack of support for the businesses in Brainerd.

Still honest people in the world

I was in Brainerd on May 7 for some quick shopping at Walmart. I was in a hurry and unintentionally left my purse in the cart. I didn’t realize it until I got back to Pequot. I called the store and the manager said a purse had been turned in. It was mine. God bless this lady that did it. Many thanks. Glad to know that there are still honest people out there.

Pay more attention to abuse

Why would anybody want to deny health care to those who could least afford to use it? Granted there are abuses in the system. More attention should be paid to tracking and getting rid of the abuses as opposed to getting rid of those people who actually need the health care services.

Dry paper

Your paper’s getting awful dry. We need another Gary Walters story.

Deep into our pockets

I understand the Minnesota state budget problems and the governor’s ideas. I must point out that the feds, the state, Crow Wing County, Brainerd and 181 School District all are projecting financial problems. Some have already indicated a desire to increase our taxes. Any tax increase, income, property, sales, fees, etc., must be considered in conjunction with all others. This is 2011 and most of us have tight budgets and realistically cannot afford every level of government’s hand going deeper into our pockets.