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Vox Pop- May 24

Follow flag etiquette

Just having read the article in The American Legion Magazine encouraging the passing of a flag amendment, which should be done, I would express my concern to those who leave their flags on display 24 hours a day until they are faded, almost beyond recognition, that you follow flag etiquette and remove your flag at sundown and fly it a sunrise throughout the day! Thank you.

More important things to worry about

What happened to the party that didn’t want big government? How will we identify proper couples for marriage? Do we allow them to self-identify? What about people with both reproductive organs? Maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to get married. Should we require a doctor’s note or a DNA test? What about people who have sex change operations? What about people who come out of the closet after being married and having children? What do we do with churches that marry gay couples? Where are the gay marriage police? Don’t we have more important things to worry about?

Can’t afford the ones we have

If the school administration keeps hiring outside firms to do their work, we will go broke as a district. Maybe we should just hire and vote for people who don’t just say they are qualified, but who actually are willing to do the work. We cannot afford the ones we have.

Waste of public money

Unbelievable! We vote for school members because they say they can do the job. Then they spend thousands to hire someone to do their job — contract negotiations. At what cost? Bigger class sizes? Loss of more programs and of more teachers? Or maybe you do have enough money. What a waste of public money!

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