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Vox Pop- May 26

Voodoo doctor Pawlenty

Pawlenty was on TV touting “his” balanced budget when he was governor. By law the budget has to be balanced. So, he didn’t break the law. I guess that’s something to be proud of. Pawlenty would certainly be a better president than George W. Bush or Sarah Palin, I’ll give him that. A leader would’ve offered some real solutions when he was governor. Not Tim. When the state of Minnesota was sick and needed a team of doctors including surgeons and, one could argue a nutritionist, we got voodoo doctor Pawlenty with pixie dust, a jar of leeches and rusty ax.

How did Ward get elected?

Message to Rep. Ward: Our state representative stated in the Sunday Star Tribune, we should vote no on the Constitutional amendment that would define marriage as between a man and a woman. He said it’s discrimination. He has been a victim of discrimination because of his deformity. Then tell us, Ward, how did you get elected if voters are so discriminatory?

Pillager gas prices

I would like to know why the little town of Pillager always has gas 5 cents less than Brainerd? Why would that be?

School solution

If Brainerd schools did what many area businesses have done, the $5 million dollar problem would go away and the teacher numbers would not be cut. Trim all salaries for the next two years — coaches, superintendent, principals, staff, tutors, janitors, teachers, etc. — by 10 percent.

Not getting my vote

Why is it that our elected officials that we elect to go to St. Paul can’t get their work done on time? When we go to work every day we’re expected to do our job and get it done on time. They go down there and dilly-dally around like they have previously. Now we’re sitting here with no budget and we’re going into what they call overtime or extra session. Just because they say they’re not going to take any money is not going to get my vote. They’re out as far as I’m concerned.

ATV in southern Crow Wing County

Three commissioners voted against the commissioner from the district where the ATV trail will be. How can those three commissioners know what is best for the other commissioner’s district? How can the commissioner who was voted against be so weak as to not be able to defend his district? What kind of “team” are the county commissioners when they don’t respect the wishes of the commissioner (or the residents) whose district will be affected by this trail? It’s high time for new leadership in the county commissioners. Two are weak, two are tyrants. One is reasonable. Guess which is which?

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