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Vox Pop- June 2

Pitbulls shouldn’t be in city limits

I think pitbulls are a dangerous breed and should be outlawed. They were bred to fight and kill. They should not be in city limits. Yes, a lot has to do with the raising but can you tell by looking at it if it has been raised properly? I don’t want to risk my kids.

Union work

I was wondering how many public workers does it take to plant small trees? I found out it’s only five. Could this be the same crew that screws in the new light bulb into the street light? It’s union work for you. Good money.

Jobless rate drops in April; season alert returns

How about if the big resorts stopped hiring all the foreign staff we could get a little bit more of our unemployed locals back at work? At last count there’s well over 100 foreign staff working in our area. Not good. When are the big boys on Gull Lake going to wake up?

Snowin’ and mowin’

It finally stopped snowin’. Put the blower away. Time to get mowin’ and make some hay. But try to remember where the shovel’s put, ‘cuz come this September, snowfalls by the foot.

Where are the Nisswa Police reports?

Why doesn’t the Dispatch publish the Nisswa Police report in the police blotter? I’ve seen Nisswa’s finest guarding the doughnut case at Holiday but surely they must be up to something besides that.

Thanks to the crew

Thank you to Brainerd’s neighborhood cleanup crew. Thank you, thank you.

Drive an extra few miles

I will gladly drive the few miles extra out of my way to fill up in Pillager as I am tired of being ripped off by the gas station owners here in Brainerd.

Where’s Vox Pop on the weekends?

Is Vox Pop no longer in the weekend edition of the Dispatch? This is the second Sunday in a row I have looked and can’t find it. If it has been located to some other part of the paper such as sports, please let us know because it’s not in there by the editorial section where, quite frankly, I think it ought to be.

Let us vote

The most basic right we have as Americans is the right to vote. I’ve watched as people argue and insult others over hot-button political issues. Enough of the words of hate and shame for why people believe as they do whether it’s same sex marriage or a photo ID requirement for voting. Give us the right to vote on it and then accept the result. Enough of judges and governors making the decisions for us.

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