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Vox Pop- June 7

What voice shouts the loudest?

Noting the discussion regarding same sex marriage and voter ID, a Vox Pop writer said, “Give us the right to vote on it and then accept the result.” You did vote (I hope). You voted for people who represent you in government. The U.S. was founded as a representative democracy. The founders were very wise to do so. A direct vote of the people can lead to foolish, emotional and short-sighted outcomes. See California. You’re welcome to your opinion, but the voice that shouts the loudest speaks on the second Tuesday in November.

Trust should be rebuilt

Good Dispatch front page news: I’m glad Brainerd School Board member Jim Hunt provided more details on its hire of a negotiator. I think it’s time he, along with his colleagues, realize that they need to rebuild trust from us taxpayers. After all, we’ve elected them to make decisions (such as how much and where our tax money is spent) and keeping us informed builds the trust. I believe successful school spending, especially on large items, is directly correlated to how effective the board is in communicating its/our needs. I’d like to see more of this. Thank you!


The person that took the plants and plant hangers from the graves at Memorial Gardens should be ashamed with all the sorrow there. Sleep well.

Include name/address please

When you give a memorial or gift please include your name and address so people don’t have to look up the address to send thank yous.

Fireworks at Mills Field

Shooting fireworks off at the Mills Field games with the Lunkers playing is a little ridiculous because typically they shoot them off late at night — 10-10:30 p.m. — sometimes close to 11 p.m. You can hear them all the way over to Lum Park. I would like to see them do something about that. They are getting a bad name for themselves.

What goes around, comes around

This is a message to the ghouls who stole the purple and lavender planting of petunias from our parents’ and grandparents’ graves at Evergreen Memorial Cemetery. Just be careful because what goes around, comes around.

Proving them wrong

How do you really know what people can do for their personal ability? I mean, pushing them off on SSI and Social Services is the coward’s way out. My family did that to me. I resent that. I’m angry because they were afraid that I might be more ambitious and more successful than they ever will be and I am going to prove them wrong.

Where’s the light?

Another accident reported in the paper on South Sixth and Willow. How many crashes do there have to be before the city breaks down and puts a light in there? I cannot believe there is not a light that is least functioning during daytime hours at this intersection. Apparently someone will have to die or be grievously injured before this happens.

(Editor’s note: Don’t blame the city council for this one. That intersection is controlled by the state. And the council has been unable to talk the state into installing a light.)

Low blow

Shame on you, Dispatch, for that shameful cartoon in your Commentary page Friday. It was very tasteless and definitely showed your bias. There was nothing funny about it. It was just a low blow, lower than I’ve seen for a while. Shame on you. It would have made Jack Kevorkian proud.

Dropped the ball again

I believe that the county commissioners should have spent their time saving the local detox center from closing instead of using their time on the controversial ATV trail. Now the county will have to pay to have someone transport these people to Nevis or Grand Rapids whenever they are picked up and pay for these facilities to take care of them. The detox center was needed for this area and it appears that the current county commissioners have dropped the ball again.  

A pipe dream?

Yikes. Would you please discontinue following these way out of season tournaments that are only still playing for money? Maybe you could start a movement to return all pro sports to the seasons to which they belong. A pipe dream?

Sandwich was paid for

I had a pleasant experience about 6 p.m. May 29. I was at the drive-in at Hardee’s and ordered a sandwich. I pulled up by the window and the clerk said, “The lady in the car in front of you paid for your sandwich.” I have no idea who it was. I did not place the car, a little blue car. It was very pleasant and if I had any idea who it was, I’d like to thank them properly.

How ridiculous

How ridiculous can the school board and administration in Brainerd get? They were penalized (and wasted) $200,000 due to not meeting deadlines while negotiating contracts with employees. Now they are hiring someone to negotiate and they don’t know what it would cost but may be less than the $200,000 fine. Why would you accept the cost of a penalty and build it in to your budget? For $200,000 you should be able to get a lot of training for the people negotiating or replace incompetent negotiators.

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