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Vox Pop- July 31

Violators should be towed

Why are vehicles allowed to park in handicapped spots that do not have a handicapped plate or tag? The police never tag the vehicles. How can a citizen fine these people? They should be towed.

Low-life thief

To the creep in the powerboat who is stealing the rip-rap from the Merrifield Bay shoreline, you are a low-life thief and hopefully soon your family and neighbors will know it.

Bike trail is not a road

To the extremely stupid man who just decided to use the bike trail as an extension of the road, it’s people like you who are so inpatient to get from one place to another. That’s why we don’t have people (who have been killed in accidents) around anymore. It’s a bike trail. It’s not a road. You almost ran over a jogger. Don’t you people think? Don’t you ever understand what you people are doing?

Level 3 offender moving in

I encourage everyone who lives along County Road 3, Wise Road, Ebinger Road and Dewes Road to attend the meeting at Timbermist regarding the Level 3 sex offender moving into the neighborhood. The residence at 1700 block County Road 3 has been used as a government subsidized group home for Level 2 sex offenders for over a year. Now they’re bringing in a Level 3 offender. Shouldn’t this group home be licensed? People say it’s easier to keep track of these offenders when they’re in one place. Make that place your neighborhood then. Let’s require licensing from the owners.

Be ready

You asked us to give you our opinion on a school administrator and did the opposite. Then you asked us to give our opinion on how to make cuts. Then you didn’t listen as you overpowered people at the meeting and did what you wanted. You ignore those who write you. Now don’t think we don’t come to your new meetings as apathy. We just won’t waste more time on the rules and format you have. Put surveys and boxes in local stores/gas stations. Be ready to hear what you don’t want to hear.

What about Cass County?

Since most of Cass County is jailed in Crow Wing County, don’t you think it would be smart to add Cass County in the police blotter instead of Little Falls and Staples? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather read about Cass!

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