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UPDATE: Final Minnesota legislative bills may be passed in middle of the night

Vox Pop- Aug. 7


SSI, Medicare and unemployment are not entitlement programs, they are insurance. Check the names. They have forced premium payments and are insurance. Food stamps, Medicare, etc., are entitlements! Fair share and loopholes? Child credits, school credits, child care credits are loopholes. Expand the tax base and charge some of those people that pay no net taxes and the problem would self correct.

Off-brand ketchup not the way to go

Hats off to the Elks food booth at this year’s Crow Wing County Fair. The food was great! However, whoever bought the off-brand ketchup should be whipped with a soggy French fry. Why top off a fabulous hamburger with an ill-tasting brand ketchup?

Smoking on East River Road

Shame on the Brainerd HRA! Once again they are treating their disabled residents like second-class citizens. I encourage residents of Brainerd to take a drive down East River Road and see the disgusting way disabled residents of the high rise have been sent to the curb because they smoke. They walking trail is now littered with smokers and cigarette butts. Couldn’t you have found a better place to allow these folks to smoke and still retain their dignity?

Teaching the younger generation

I was reading about Randy Moss and Korey Stringer and the big difference between them. Randy was praised for all his great achievements — no matter that he was the biggest spoiled brat we’ve seen for a long time. It doesn’t seem to matter what a person does or how he acts these days — just so the team can win some games. It shows what taking away the rod does. He had absolutely no discipline growing up and yet gets praised and even allowed to play on a team. What does this teach the younger generation?

Who’s cut, who’s not?

Why is it the school in Brainerd say they are cutting positions but we don’t see who they cut in the paper? Are they really cutting? A few years ago, they listed even those they didn’t cut. Be responsible. All you have to do is look on their website and you can see a lot of administrative positions created the last five years. Cut some of those.

Too much time

I can’t believe that people in Baxter would call and complain about a neighbor teaching crows to fly over their house. They must not know anything about crows because you can’t teach a crow nothing. And if they’ve got that much time on their hands they should go do some volunteer work.

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