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Vox Pop- Aug. 16

Right on

I think that your editorial of Aug. 14 is “right on” because school teachers and administrators, as well as other staff, should lead the way. By that, I mean that’s it’s time they display financial leadership. Our local economy, plus high unemployment, reduces the chances we taxpayers are going to vote in any increase this fall. I know I won’t. How about giving us time to recover from economic loss before asking us for more money? Related to all of this is the claim that larger classes diminishes quality education. Recent science scores refute this claim!

Left and right

This is to all the people that try to turn left by the SuperAmerica by the Brainerd Cub Foods. Quit! That is a right turn only! I have seen five cars do it this last week and countless others. The reason it is a right turn is because it was very dangerous to try to turn left. If you need to turn left that bad go to one of the lights that is a block away.

Save a life and money

I’m just wondering if we are seriously waiting for a fatality before shutting down that access or the little tiny right turn lane onto that dirt road just north of the Highway 371/Woida Road intersection on 371 North. I have had to slam on my brakes numerous times this summer to avoid rear-ending someone. With all the road construction that’s being done on Highway 371 right now, wouldn’t it be smart to do the work right now? We could save a life and some money.

Garage sale confusion

The garage sale ads in the Sunday paper are very confusing. Are they for the week coming up or the week that just ended and they’re still remaining in the paper? It’s really hard to figure out if you should go the coming up week or if they’re over with.

Editor’s note: Because the Weekend Edition (Sunday paper) is published and delivered by 7 a.m. Saturdays, the garage sale ads for that corresponding Saturday are the ones that are listed.

If they want a yes vote

If the Brainerd School District wants a yes vote from me, they need to report more usable information. I expect a larger school to get better state test results than the surrounding smaller ones. Now show me how they compare to other outstate schools of similar size. 

Concert etiquette

The concerts from Lakes Area Chamber Music Festival have been great. Three more this week if you are interested. Tip to the audience: Concert etiquette says you shouldn’t clap until the entire piece is finished, not after each movement!

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Becca Clemens
After graduating high school in 2004, I attended Central Lakes College in Staples, MN for 2 years where I got a diploma in Communication Art and Design. I then transfered up to Bemidji State University in, you guessed it, Bemidji, MN. In the spring of 2009, I graduated from BSU. Then in the fall of 2009 I got a job at Echo Publishing, a sister company to the Brainerd Dispatch.