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VOX POP - Aug. 20

Disgusted by comments

I have never been as disgusted by my community as I was while reading the comments posted on the Aug. 16 article about the school supplies drive. Who in their right mind can have a problem with nonprofit charities giving out pencils and dictionaries to school kids? If you don’t like it, don’t donate, don’t volunteer and certainly don’t accept any supplies. Your comments are vile and hurtful not only to those who are in need, but to those generous and kind souls who are trying in any way they can to make a difference in a child’s life.

Gas stations are gouging

I just wanted to comment on the gas prices in Brainerd. I was in doing my shopping in Brainerd and found them to be 10 cents higher than Pillager or a couple other stations in Brainerd so I decided not to get gas in Brainerd and almost ran out of gas. This is disgusting that these stations are gouging people.

Help the school by signing

The referendum money should be designated for certain areas so the kids get some benefit not have it all go to the teachers, administrators and employees. Why haven’t the teachers signed? At least they could help the school a little financially by signing.

Brainerd’s ACT exams

In the recent ACT article, Brainerd Superintendent Razidlo said they would  like to see more students taking the exam here.

It would really help if the school would open up more space for Brainerd kids  to take the exam ... as it stands now those exams are limited to a certain  number of students and they typically fill up early. That is the case right now for the fall exam, if you try to apply for the test in Brainerd you will be told it is already full.

Editor’s note: The Vox Pop contributor is mistaken. Superintendent Razidlo said Thursday he had just spoken with the district’s ACT administrator who said the district always has taken standby students and has never turned testers away. Razidlo said as of Thursday this fall ACT testing session was not full. 

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