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Vox Pop- Sept. 8

Time to vote no

The national unemployment rate is over 9 percent and locally it’s been as high at 19 percent. Also, many folks have lost their homes due to foreclosure. Plus, many people working are under-employed. Therefore, how can our local school board expect to pass any levy and increase our taxes? These are special times which require special measures to deal with such times. In November, unless an employment miracle arrives (Don’t hold your breath!), it’ll be time to vote no. Lack of jobs equals lack of support.

Support and honor vets

The Color Guard attends many veterans’ funerals with little or no compensation. They volunteer their time to honor those that fought for our freedom. So next time you want to write a negative comment, pause a moment. Consider where your freedom of speech came from. And if you have some time, the VFW and Legion need volunteers. These clubs are struggling to stay open. I think it’s time to support them and honor our veterans in any way we can.

Shack ruins pristine look of lake

Thanks to the person that wrote in Sunday’s Vox Pop about the dilapidated shack. I wrote to Vox Pop a few years ago when Walmart was being built and there was such a to-do with Walmart having that up north look and then we drive north and have to look at that dilapidated shack along North Long Lake. It just ruins the pristine look of North Long Lake.

What does southern Crow Wing County look like?

It’s too bad the “Ride with Jim” doesn’t start on the other side of the million dollar bridge that is a total waste of money. The ride would be held on County Road 139 where the money could have helped many hard-working citizens, truckers, mailmen and bus companies and so forth. This would be a good route and maybe Commissioners Thiede and Hoge could join them and see what the southern part of Crow Wing County is like.

Shack should go

Yes, the shack on the west shore of North Long Lake should be removed. It has a history. In about 1950 when the highway department decided that they needed more land for the new highway than they had originally condemned in 1940, they proceeded to deal with us landowners which brought on more condemnation and litigation. A friend of mine owned the shack, the land and the cabin camp across the road. A deal was struck to leave the shack as long as he had the cabin camp. The cabin camp is gone and the shack should go.

Return of the wallet

I would like to thank the person that turned in my 15-year-old son’s wallet at Fleet Farm on Sunday, Sept. 3. It is so nice to know that there are still good and honest people out there. Many blessings to you!

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