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Vox Pop- Sept. 18

Free classes for seniors?

This is regarding the senior lifelong learning classes at Central Lakes College. I’m just wondering if people know that classes have always been available for seniors for free at Central Lakes College if you take the classes without receiving credits? It’s been an asset for the community for a while and I hope that people were aware of that. I’m not sure about this new program and the classes involved but I think the free ones are still available.

Editor’s note: Rebecca Best, dean of Workforce, Economic and Regional Development at Central Lakes College said, “CLC’s Center for LifeLong Learning will be offering, seminars, workshops and sponsoring a variety of special events. It is permissible to charge senior citizens admission fees for these types of activities under the Special Events language. The policy, Policy 5.11, can be found on the web at, as well as the procedure, Procedure 5.11.1 at Special events is part F.”

Vox Pop usage questioned

I read both the Morrison County Record and the Dispatch. Both offer a place for public comments and it’s a great idea. The difference is the Record publishes the names of the people commenting and the Dispatch doesn’t. I personally prefer the names be published and subscribe to the theory if you wouldn’t say something to somebody, you probably shouldn’t say it at all. Anonymity can foster a venue for somebody who may want to maliciously misrepresent facts and spread rumors.

Response to a Thursday Vox Pop

Editor’s note: “This is a response from Laureen Borden, Crow Wing County auditor-treasurer to a Vox Pop published on Thursday. 

“There is still a property tax refund from the state of Minnesota for this year. It’s based on 2011 property tax on homestead classified property, rent paid during 2010 on the property you lived in as your home or mobile home taxes. If your household income for the year of 2010 was low compared to your tax or rent, you may be eligible for a refund or if the taxes without regard to special assessments went up more than $100, you may be eligible for a refund regardless of your income. 

“A form needs to be filed with the Minnesota Revenue Department. Instructions and forms may be gotten online at or call (800) 657-3676. You may also get forms at the Brainerd Public Library or the County Auditor-Treasurer’s Office, second floor of the historic courthouse. If you filed for this earlier, the checks will be mailed by the end of September. 

“What has gone away is the homestead credit you have been getting on your property tax statement. For 2012, this has been replaced by a homestead market value exclusion. The taxpayer will be able to see the impact of this law change when they receive the notice of proposed taxes for 2012. This will be sent out to all property owners the end of November.”


I give my thanks to the Crow Wing County Board for doing all they can to hold spending down and also recognizing more issues that need attention in order to balance the budgets without raising taxes. Out of their control but the area that needs looking into is the $238,000 Thirty Lakes Watershed budget but we pay it. Also if the school board could take a hint and hold the line for a change. The economy hasn’t improved around here and even though there was a meeting about the governor, there’s not a job that’s come out of it.

Where was Dear Abby?

I know you can’t please all the people all the time but it really irks when you leave Dear Abby out of the paper like you did Thursday.

Editor’s note: Mistakes will happen. The Dispatch regrets the error. In Morrison County, people who missed Dear Abby would sign their name to the complaint.

Covering up

I’m very happy the cooler weather is coming. The teachers and the students at the high school and junior high are out of control. The teachers are really supposed to set an example and with clothes to cover up from the cold, it will be wonderful.

Where are the benches?

What happened to the benches that were sitting by the All Veterans Memorial? That was always such a nice quiet place to sit before the library opens or just sitting when I’m out walking. Bring back those benches.

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