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Vox Pop- Sept. 22

Kill should set a good example

The front page quote from Dr. Pat Smith of the University of Minnesota states he should’ve been more vigilant with Coach Jerry Kill by ensuring he was drinking more liquids. Jerry Kill is a grown man. Can’t he monitor himself? He’s well aware of his previous health issues and obviously knows what triggers problems that could compromise his system. He’s being paid an exorbitant amount of money to baby-sit a group of young men. He should set a good example for them by taking care of himself first. Sports is not the be all to end all.

Anyone else find it odd

Regarding your Vox Pop on Sunday: Am I the only one who thought it odd that someone would choose a venue like Vox Pop to complain about not signing your name to a comment and then not signing the same comment? I personally like Vox Pop. Yes, there are those that print some nonsense, but in this age of division, printing your name to a comment that some may take offense at, can put that person at risk. People are violent these days.   

Help the Postal Service

The general public can help the Postal Service, and maybe save the Saturday delivery. Every time a person receives any “junk mail” that includes a Postage Paid return envelope, put the “junk mail” back in the envelope and mail it back. It will cost the original “junk mail” sender return postage, which will help the Postal Service. If enough people do it, it sure could cut down on the amount of “junk mail” we receive.

Parents should be married

What a beautiful experience to see a new baby come into the world, but why do so many young people allow this to happen without marriage? Babies are beautiful blessings and should be welcomed into a safe and secure married family’s home that is eagerly awaiting their arrival. Please let us try to encourage our young people the importance of marriage before they bring these beautiful little innocent people into the world. Their future has been proved to be much more stressful if they have the benefit of a married mom and dad, which means a more stable home.

Editor’s note in response to missing benches Vox Pop

Tim Houle, Crow Wing County Administrator, said, “We are in the process of replacing the paver stones with concrete and will be replacing the benches at the All Veterans Memorial. The benches are gone temporarily to allow the concrete to cure.”

Response was unclear

This is in response to Laureen Borden’s response to the Vox Pop from last Thursday about the property tax refund. She still isn’t answering the question, ‘Are we still going to be getting our property tax refund checks next year?’ She really needs to answer that question. She did not make that clear at all in her response.

No campfire? No car

In regard to the neighbor with campfire, how dare you? This country was built on fires. Indians used smoke signals for years and now you say we can’t use them. I hope you don’t drive a car because I think that smoke smells too, so park it.

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