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Vox Pop- Sept. 25

No taxpayer dollars

The Twins got their new stadium and are now in the cellar, in last place. The Vikings are already in the cellar — why do they need a new stadium? No taxpayer dollars, please!

What in the world?

What in the world is the matter with you guys? Last week you missed having Dear Abby in the paper one day and now today, Thursday, the whole comic page is duplicate from yesterday. I always in the morning read the funnies, bridge column and I work the puzzle while I’m having my morning coffee. Now what am I gonna do? I’ve already read it yesterday.

Too many mistakes

Is it too much to ask that someone at the Dispatch proofread the paper looking for mistakes? The only thing that was correct on the comic page was the date, Thursday, Sept. 22. The Dispatch should have a contest at least once a month with a prize for the person able to find the most errors in the previous month’s papers. Keep up the good work and keep us looking for the bloopers. Have a great day.

Phony numbers

It will be argued that Brainerd’s unemployment number has not dropped significantly. What has happened is that a bunch of people’s unemployment checks ran out and they are no longer counted. Therefore the government claims, “Our unemployment went down.” We’ve been playing these phony numbers for years to prop up government actions that are worthless. Even BLAEDC didn’t try and claim credit for this one because it’s not a change in unemployment, it’s a change in people getting a check.

Money better spent

I don’t know how much it’s going to cost the school to run the referendum but it would be better spent on the kids. Come November the tourists will be gone. The resorts will be closed. The unemployment in Brainerd will be near 20 percent and then the board’s got the employees holding out for better contracts? The board can’t expect the taxpayers to vote to raise their taxes in this economic mess.

Proofread more carefully

I think it’s really a shame that the Dispatch cannot do better with their paper for the price people pay for it. As of today, the comic page, crossword puzzle and Sudoku and horoscope were the same as Wednesday’s paper and this is Thursday. I think someone should be checking or proofreading the paper more carefully.

Council needs the fiscally responsible

After watching the arrogance of the Brainerd City Council in approving spending more than $9 million dollars on the College Drive project, a couple things were quite clear. First, four of the council members are clearly speaking for themselves and not for the citizens of Brainerd, the majority who oppose this sort of spending. 

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