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Vox Pop- Sept. 29

How do you get the label?

Live around or with several kids I care about. Problem is that you can be labeled as a sex offender for urinating in your back yard at 2 a.m., if someone is paying attention to your business. When do we call something a sex crime? And when does someone get that label?

How long will it take?

So here we are in the last week of September and they are still working on Seventh Avenue in the southeast side of town. How long does it take to do a little bit of road? I’ve seen people build entire highways in my time as long as it takes to build one small road area.

What about mortgage trades?

To help the housing crisis, banks should consider mortgage trades. If you can no longer afford the home you’re in, maybe you can afford another home the bank is sitting on. This way it saves consumer’s credit and helps to not have all these bank-owned homes sitting around deteriorating.

School referendum

I recently took a class at Forestview School in Baxter. What a waste of taxpayers’ money to build a school that looks like a castle. Brainerd should have had classes in Washington School and Franklin School with a little renovation. Now everybody meets in these buildings. The state hospital could easily be renovated to hold classes for school. No, the school system would rather have taxpayers pay big money to build more very expensive buildings for schools. A building never taught one kid anything. Say no to new buildings. For schools, use the state hospital buildings.

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