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Vox Pop- Oct. 2

Jumping the gun

How does our school board expect taxpayers to make an informed decision when voting on its levy early this November? The Truth in Taxation notices won’t be sent out from the counties until later that month, which means we will not know until then our proposed tax liability for 2011. Granted, we’ll be able to attend school board meetings at that time when they put their budget together but isn’t this very much after the fact? With the new Minnesota tax law, I believe District 181 is jumping the gun, which is unfair to us who pay the bills.

Child at Level 3 sex offender meeting

Why would a parent bring an adolescent to a community meeting about a Level 3 sex offender? That child does not have the emotional or cognitive ability to process the information that was given. The only thing she could leave there with is fear. We should not be held hostage by fear. It is important to educate ourselves, and continue to look out for each other. Regardless if there is a sex offender in our neighborhood or not, I hope that little girl will trust that our police department and parole officers are doing their jobs.

More on Forestview: 

Editor’s note: Response from Steve Lund, director of business services, Brainerd Public Schools:

In response to Thursday’s Vox Pop submission regarding Forestview Middle School, I have gathered some operating cost comparisons for our old and new buildings. For example, the cost per student for heat, lights, cleaning and maintenance of one of our oldest elementary buildings was $941 per student in 2010-11. The same cost for the Forestview school is $632 per student, for a difference of $282 per student. Achieving this level of efficiency, while serving approximately 1,900 students at Forestview, produces a savings of over $530,000/year, not counting the staffing savings of reducing duplicated services by not having these students spread over multiple locations. 

The community member also referenced the proposed operating levy in connection with renovating the human services buildings for students. 

The referendum revenue is dedicated for educational programs and opportunities for our students and not for capital improvements for our facilities.

Concerned for children

Some years ago the city council adopted a rental housing code which is supposed to further safety for the citizens of Brainerd. I see now a Level 3 sex offender is planning to move into our neighborhood which is heavily populated with multi-family units with children close to Lowell School. These children will need to walk to and from school. This person has reoffended and we are so concerned about our neighborhood children.

People should have a vote

The state hospital buildings should be put to use as, for example, a veterans’ home or for holding classes for schooling. Why spend money we do not have for buildings like Forestview? People should have a vote in this say.


As lousy as the Twins were, they even goofed up by not losing 100. I mean, the least they could have done was get into the record books and they were so incompetent and pathetic they couldn’t even do that right.

Making change is important

Why would we want our cashiers to know how to make change at the cash register? That was the first class and teacher to be cut by the school along with classes on how to get and keep a job, start a business, turn an interest into a career, etc. I know. Three of my kids were in the marketing program learning for their future.

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