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VOX POP - Oct. 8

Take back the parks

It’s time for a change! Baxter residents’ taxes paid for our parks in Baxter. Yet Brainerd Community Ed decides who uses it. Hogwash! Baxter needs to take back the parks and let our residents use it. Stop letting Brainerd decide and play favorites.

Animals are not people

Wake up, people, and admit that animals are not people. Making people feel badly because animals are sick and dying has got to stop. Yes, no one wants to be mean to animals but to ask for food for sick and dying animals when their own children are in need of food and clothing and warm shelter and to ask people to take sick animals into their homes so they themselves become sick (and many diseases are caused by animals, like cancer) is very cruel. Kill the animals instead of the people and that goes for deer also — Lyme disease.

They can’t handle money

I don’t understand the city of Baxter. Why does my money that I pay for my child to play sports on Baxter fields go to Brainerd schools? We all know they can’t handle money. Keep the money in our own town.

Crow Wing County airport

There are only two possibilities that will work out for the local airport. Either you get some management that can figure out ways of increasing business and the number of passengers using it or you find a government entity that is more than happy to spend unbelievable amounts of tax money to support an airport that the local area cannot possibly support on its own, i.e., a bailout.

Where’s the fire?

This is regarding the police blotter in the paper. I was under the understanding that all things were reported in the police blotter on a daily basis. We had a vehicle fire in our neighborhood early Wednesday morning and it’s not even been listed in the paper. Just curious.

Editor’s note: The Vox Pop Department of Public Safety hopes that the fire is out by now. But thanks for letting us know about it so we now have reported it in the paper.

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