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Vox Pop- Oct. 13

Human rights

Why is human rights a liberal or Democratic issue? Don’t Republicans or conservatives care about human rights? They seem to only care about rights when it’s their rights that are not being upheld.  

Bad rap

After reading the front page article titled “Occupy Brainerd,” I have to admit that I’m feeling offended. The article stated that the demonstration is an effort to “bring attention to the greed by the wealthiest Americans and the lack of jobs.” I wish someone would be more specific when they say the greed by the wealthiest Americans. I’m in the millionaire category. I donate between 10-17 percent to charities. Am I greedy? I believe there are a lot of very generous wealthy Americans who are getting a bad rap.


After having read the editor’s note about the Lynx that was in the Sunday paper, I really think they should take a better look at that because if it had been the Vikings and they put the pictures in like they did Monday, why aren’t the Lynx getting the same kind of coverage. Is it because there is a sexist thing going on here?

(Editor’s note: Nothing sexist at all. We just haven’t had much experience since 1991 covering Minnesota teams winning championships.)

It’s a shame

I’m just addressing the problem that Terry Sluss will be having after he organized the demonstration to bring attention to all the greed in our country. He has linked his name to George Soros and I hope people realize who these people at are and George Soros. It’s a shame but we do have the right to vote.

Provocative dancing

I hope this doesn’t seem like I’m suggesting that people that are underage should be having sex but I think it’s kinda ridiculous to complain that kids are dancing in an intimate and provocative way at their prom because if they’re at prom, they’re probably on the eve of becoming adults and are interested in such things. I don’t think it’s too prude to say they should be able to dance like that.

Editor’s note: The Vox Pop this person is referring to was in Tuesday’s paper. That particular Vox Pop was referring to the recent homecoming dance, not prom.

School dance policies

My daughter left the homecoming dance early on Saturday because of the lewdness of the so-called dancing. Very disturbing to me as a parent was a male student came up to my daughter unwanted to try and bump and grind with her. She was quite upset. How disappointing I can’t be confident a school dance will provide good clean fun for my children. I’ve heard Christmas ball is as bad. I suggest the principal and administration make a policy change regarding school dances to forbid this behavior and clear directions to chaperones on what to do when witnessing it.

Supper bill was paid

A couple weeks ago my husband and I took my kids to the China Buffet in Brainerd for supper. When we went to pay the bill, we were told that an earlier family paid for it. So, to whomever that person or persons was, thank you. God works in mysterious ways.

Helping someone in need

I met this young woman at the Armory for Ruby’s Pantry. She was waiting for over an hour to get her food. She was diagnosed with leukemia in March. As we sat together and talked I could tell she was sick. She was tired, fighting back tears. She was in treatment but now has no insurance. She can no longer work and has a long fight ahead of her. I’d like to pay for the food she gets there or buy some food and give to her. Would you like to help? I’ll find out who she is. Thank you!

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