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UPDATE: Final Minnesota legislative bills may be passed in middle of the night

Vox Pop- Oct. 16

They have it wrong

Demonstrators and Terry Sluss have it wrong. They think that giving them more money will create demand and then more jobs. Until this country stops leading the world in having the highest corprate income tax rate, the jobs will continue to flow overseas. Businesses and corporations must be able to compete in the world marketplace.

Lewd behavior should have been stopped

I have fond memories of bumping and grinding at the BHS homecoming dance back in the 90s. But alas! I went to college and got a job. Now I volunteer in the community and at church. I wish a chaperone would have put a stop to my lewd behavior before it was too late. 

(Editor’s note: The Vox Pop Dept. of Dance Trouble (DDT) will soon be assigning chaperones for future high school dances. The line starts with the VP contributor who wants to stop lewd behavior.)

People are lazy

The reason people protest against “the wealthy” is that they are lazy. Anyone can become wealthy, but you have to want it badly enough and work hard enough to do it. Most people aren’t willing to work hard enough and take the initiative to become wealthy. It’s so much easier for them to complain and protest about what they don’t have and expect the successful to support them.

Hearing through the no votes

Join me in voting no for the school referendum. It’s not that I don’t support education. I always have. It is that I don’t support the current administration’s decisions and values. I have spoken to them and written to them, but they continue to ignore what so many in the community want for their young people. Maybe you will hear through the no votes. It’s time for new leadership. Too bad it has to be done this way.

Were ribbons forgotten?

When did they have the Alzheimer’s walk? About two weeks ago? Well, did someone have Alzheimer’s and forget to take down the purple ribbons up and down South Sixth Street? I mean, come on people, if you’re going to have something, clean up afterwards.

Gray fox is a delight

The fox on Lyndon Lane is a gray fox. The gray fox has a gray body with a black line along the full length of the body clear to the tip of its bushy tail. They have a darker muzzle with a reddish gruff around the neck. The gray fox has shorter, stubby legs. It can climb trees, mates for life and both male and female bring food to the den. We’ve enjoyed having a den of gray fox in our neighborhood this summer and we have delighted watching the young. Also, we have no problems with mice or chipmunks.

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