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Vox Pop- Oct. 20

Lighten the load

What is with all the homework! I have a child in 10th grade and the homework goes on for hours. Do the teachers not understand that each teacher is giving more and more homework. When are these kids able to get it all done along with after school sports, dinner and some family time? Please lighten the load!

Stolen pumpkin

A note to the rude, pushy ‘lady’ at Zorbaz, on your way out, you stole a pumpkin. Good example for the young people by you that you not only pushed them, but stole the pumpkin right in front of them, thinking you had a right. I guess your kind doesn’t have a conscience! To the two ‘ladies’ with you, good going!

Vikings stadium

I think we should give the Vikings to Montana. They don’t have an NFL football team. This could be their Christmas present. This would save Minnesota millions. NFL is a form of gambling, not sports. The state would only help Zygi Wilf become richer. People considering state money for the Vikings stadium is the worst thing I have ever heard of especially with all the big top essentials the human needs.

A little perfume

goes a long way

Sunday afternoon my family and I attended Geritol Frolics. It’s a wonderful show as usual. They are all great but my enjoyment was curtailed because someone sitting near me was so oversprayed. My eyes smarted, burned and teared up the whole time. I wish some women would realize they don’t have to stink up their whole world and mine too. A little perfume or whatever goes a long way.

Where’s the videotape?

Did anyone bother to videotape what was going on at that homecoming dance? I’m sure the parents that were not there would be much surprised over the actions of their daughters and sons.

Volunteer opportunities

I’m responding to the Tuesday Vox Pop about a retired couple looking to volunteer for the holidays. I would guess you will probably receive hundreds of calls but just in case you don’t, two places they could check are RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program) at 824-1345 or the Lakes Area Senior Activity Center at 829-9345. Both are wonderful organizations with lots of opportunities for volunteering.

Volunteer at the soup kitchen

In response to the retired couple looking to volunteer at Thanksgiving and Christmas, I know there’s a soup kitchen in Brainerd. I don’t know how it works for volunteers there but they could probably check that out.

The bump and grind

I’m calling about the crap that’s going on at BHS about the dancing. The thing is that when you guys were our age, you guys did the exact same thing — the bump and grind. And not only that, this was the biggest dance BHS has ever had. The factor is that you guys have become your parents. Congratulations about that. You’ve become as wicked as they did when you were our age. You guys need to grow up. There has been no sexual activity going on at the school. There has been none of that caught in the school.

Common sense is missing

How much money can we waste in our school? Why is the school spending money to put Dorn child safety things in all buses? We contract with a company to provide safe rides to kids. If their drivers are too lazy to walk to the back of the bus before they leave for the day to see if a child is asleep somewhere, fire the bus company. Or let them pay for it. Or how about a checklist turned in from the driver to make sure they did what they should have? Common sense is missing in our schools.