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VOX POP- Oct. 23

Talking traffic?

A company wants to build in Baxter, and provide a large tax base and employ 200 people, and we are talking traffic. Really, we are talking traffic. No wonder this country has economic problems. Crow Wing County has one of the worst unemployment rates in the state and we are taking traffic? Are you kidding me? We are talking traffic.

Common workers are richer

To the person that wrote in about people that aren’t rich because they’re too lazy to work. These people are in fact: The workers that cleanse your sick body when you are in a hospital or care center. These are the people who collect your garbage and take your demanding phone calls at businesses when you make demands that are ridiculous because you have power money and these are people that wait on you at restaurants. Amazing how your power of money can make you forget we are all God’s children. We common workers are richer than you’ll ever be.

Shooting and killing the only answer?

I am not only totally appalled at Ohio’s law that allows people to own exotic animals, but just as appalled at the man that owned more than 50 in central Ohio. I just cannot fathom the total irresponsibility of local law personnel killing these animals because of someone else’s ignorance. One thing is clear, no matter what state or agency, be it the law or DNR, none are prepared for an emergency beyond shooting and killing. It seems to be their only answer!

Trails and taxes

Here we go again, spending taxpayers’ money on trails when we’ve got all these other problems in this state but boy, we sure gotta bow down to these special interest groups and put these trails in. Well, I’m gonna tell you the same thing I told the legislators, if all these people want these trails, they should pay for them. They can have bake sales or garage sales but the taxpayers are not responsible for paying for these trails. That tax money should be used to benefit all tax payers in the state of Minnesota, not just a few people.

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