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VOX POP: Oct. 25

Dumb place for building

Well, I’m happy we’re going to have a curling club building, but why? It’s such a stupid place they’re building it. We probably lost some parking (at the county fairgrounds). We lost some pretty trees. Why didn’t they just build it right out on the road while they were at? It’s dumb.

(Editor’s note: The Vox Pop Department of Innovation appreciates the idea. Maybe we could start the sport of car curling. And have a nice day.)

Waste of money

This is unbelievable. The school district sends out a notice with a typo on it so they have to send one out again. What a waste of our money and you want us to give them more money? I don’t think so.

(Editor’s note: Superintendent Steve Razidlo said the Brainerd School District did have an important error in its required mass mailing to all voters in the district and a corrected mailing was sent out late last week after the error was discovered. “Unfortunately, we didn’t catch the proofreading error and when it was pointed out to us, we initiated the correction,” said Razidlo. The first mailing incorrectly stated that the second levy question was a 10-year levy when it is actually a 5-year levy. The first levy question is a 10-year levy.)

Junk mail idea

To cut down on junk mail, whenever you receive an ad with a postage paid envelope, just seal the envelope and mail it back to them. They will then have to pay the postage.

Student assembly at Pillager

The Seven Project is coming to Pillager High School. This group is an evangelical group with a stated purpose of saving today’s youth through Jesus Christ. Check out the following website: How can the Pillager administration invite this group to hold an assembly during the student school day?

Where are the cops?

Watch for pedestrians who are going across the crosswalks because I was nearly hit by the Family Dollar intersection on Washington Street by a woman driving a white SUV. I had the walk signal and I still had time to get across. It was just plain rude and obnoxious of her to think she had the right-of-way when I had the right-of-way. Where are the cops when you need them?

Where’s What’s Doing?

What happened to the What’s Doing section of Sunday’s paper? Didn’t somebody get their report together on time?

(Editor’s note: Sorry. But you don’t have to look very hard to find it in today’s edition.)

Hide the money

Do you think these teachers think the taxpayers of this district are so dumb we can’t figure out the game plan, that they’re laying in the weeds, hoping they hold out long enough to grab a portion of this referendum money if it passes? Good luck. If they had any conscience at all, they’d forego any wage increase. I lost my job 10 years ago and I’m working for a lower wage now. Guess what? I haven’t had a raise in 10 years so give me a break.

No downside to this idea

Here’s an idea. Instead of voting yes on the referendum this time, why not take that last one we didn’t get to vote on, the 13 years at 15 percent, and just apply that to the school. There is no downside here. Yeah, it’ll require the employees to put a little more in their retirement but then our taxes wouldn’t change.

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