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Vox Pop- Oct. 27

Living high on the hog?

For those complaining about the referendum, I have a suggestion: Why don’t you get yourselves in the classroom and help the teachers educate our youth on a wage almost comparable to that of a McDonald’s worker? That way we won’t have to raise your taxes and the class sizes will be where you want them. I don’t know where some of you are getting your information, but teachers don’t live “high on the hog!” Yes, they get summers off, but they deserve it due to the fact they have to tell their child they cannot go to their sporting event.

Board and sheriff’s promises

When ATV trails were being discussed by the county board, we were assured that the county would accept the huge ATV enforcement need that comes along with those trail systems. The Dispatch just reported that the sheriff is backtracking from those promises already! We need numbers of deputies on machines, on trails, in the woods. That’s where illegal challenge areas, off-trail riding, illegal wetland riding etc., are occurring. Now citizens will have to take monitoring into our own hands. One thing for certain, no more trails until the board and sheriff live up to their promise!

Become a teenage mother

Do you have too much money? Do you have too much free time to spend with your friends? Do you get to sleep all night? Do you buy too many new clothes? You can fix all of those problems by becoming a teenage mother. In just a few short minutes of unprotected sex, you can change your life forever.

Food for thought

When I was a little person, my mommy taught me, “If you do not have anything good to say about someone, do not say anything at all.” When I became an adult, I learned the Serenity Prayer and also if you have a problem with someone, if possible, go to that person and “talk it out.” If not, pray for blessings for your “enemy” or the person you are having problems with and then leave the rest to God.

181 is helpful

Thank you to ISD 181 for providing such thorough and upfront information regarding the upcoming referendum vote. In going to the district’s website, there was a convenient link to information and frequently asked questions which were very simply explained and I hope that people will take time to visit and find answers to their questions so that they can make a good informed decision on Nov. 8. Thank you very much.

Geritol Frolics

We enjoyed the Geritol Frolics again as usual this year. Great entertainment from our senior citizens. Thanks for the memories. We do appreciate you.

Fair is fair

I think we need to be fair about pay raises in the area and if Social Security income is going up 3.6 percent, I think that we should make sure we cap teacher wages at no more than 3.6 percent per year so a two-year teacher contract they should be getting roughly 7.2 percent over the next two years. That’d be fair. In addition, we should remember that Social Security people may also be paying more in Medicare but teachers are also being asked to pay more in their health insurance. So, again, fair is fair.

All trick-or-treaters welcome

Let’s everyone try to be nice this Halloween. Let everyone trick-or-treat. My son is 16 years old and I’d rather have him trick-or-treating than out soaping windows or getting into mischief. Last year, I had adults who trick-or-treated. They’re all welcome at my house. Happy Halloween!

Proud of Pillager School

The Seven Project presented at Pillager School entertains and captivates audiences addressing real life issues and situations students face every day. Anyone with a question about the legitimacy of this open to the public school assembly should have been there when the speaker told the elementary students about being bullied. His challenge of “no one eats alone,” resonated with Pillager students. I was there. I’m proud that my elementary and high school children attend Pillager School.

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