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Vox Pop- Oct. 30

Boo to Halloween

Here’s a Halloween tip for the parents: If you come to my house and the light’s not on, don’t knock on the door. If you don’t see any decorations, don’t knock on the door. Not all of us are going to sit there and give out candy.

Looking for bologna?

To the “high on the hog” teacher in Vox Pop who says their wages are comparable to working at McDonald’s, you make 10 times that amount with benefits and the summer off among other things. Maybe you should apply at Hardee’s. Do they serve bologna sandwiches there?

Priceless picture

Congratulations to the Brainerd girls’ volleyball team and the head coach’s face in the picture in the Dispatch today is priceless.

Are you kidding me?

Regarding the Vox Pop comparing school teacher salaries to McDonald’s, are you kidding me? I think school teachers make more than $12,000 or $15,000 a year at max and I don’t know what the deal is with the sporting events, but if you go to any sporting event, half the adults there are teachers.

Bad timing

School board is running scared. I’ve received two mailings and one phone call to vote yes on the school referendum. Anything can happen. Remember a few years back when the school bond was passed and right after Potlatch closed. Coincidental? Don’t know. I do know I’m retired and on fixed income and I’ve paid my referendum dues for my kids and grandkids over the years.

Just vote

I encourage everyone to get out and vote on Nov. 8. You are hearing both sides to the referendum in the paper and the news. To the folks that plan on leaving town for the winter please get your vote in before you leave. A special election usually has a low turnout.

Love the kids’ ads

Thank you Brainerd Dispatch, participating schools and especially those who made my day on Tuesday, Oct. 25, by the innovative creative and just plain fun ads section. Businesses are very smart to sponsor the classrooms. I seldom read an ad but I read every single one of these.

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