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VOX POP - Nov. 1


I was totally surprised to see the Dispatch recommend we all vote for another scam referendum. In 45 years that I know of, they’ve never recommended a “no,” even on some ridiculous referendums. Someday maybe they could actually look at both sides of an issue so everyone could make an informed decision rather than a political one.

Ban leaf burning?

When is Baxter going to ban leaf burning? We have one neighbor burning leaves and our entire neighborhood is filled with blue acrid smoke. It makes it impossible to be outside and enjoy this beautiful fall day we are having.

They don’t have a clue

I get so tired of the uninformed spouting off about matters they don’t understand. And they are being given a public forum for spewing forth inaccuracies. The school district does not own the land that the school farm sits on. It was granted to them in a lifelong lease for $1 a year by a family in the form of a gift-type scenario. So anyone who says the school district can sell the school farm to get out of financial debt doesn’t have a clue about which they speak.

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