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Vox Pop- Nov. 3

Editor’s note: Today’s Vox Pop column includes the last comments on the election before Tuesday’s election. The Vox Pop Department of Civic Affairs wants everyone to remember to vote.

Where’s the effort?

I remember a few years ago when little kids came walking up to the door, all dressed up in neat costumes. Now we have parents driving their kids to each house — the first one today was before 4:30 p.m. — no costume, not even a kid but a teenager about 14! Are you kidding me? This will be the last year for free candy if the receiver cannot even make the effort.

More damaging?

We just went through Halloween and it appears that while we can see blood, guts and gore we cannot see (skin)! Which is more damaging to our society?


Get out and vote on the referendum no matter which side you are on. If you don’t, one side could stack their side by a push for like minds to act by voting. If you don’t vote, you cannot complain about the results and the fact you may or may not have to pay higher taxes.

Is there land for a new building?

The school wants to pass the referendum for more spending money. They should be obligated to sign that they won’t use those funds to build a new high school and leave other buildings empty within a 20-year period. They say they have land for a new building and that disturbs me.

Undercover cops

Is it just me or is anyone else out there tired of the endlessly increasing number of completely unmarked traffic enforcement vehicles on the streets? What’s the rationale here? Lower cost? Revenue stream? Maybe, the ever popular fig leaf of “public safety?” For the uninformed, existing statute [MN 169.98 Subd 2a] clearly limits the number of these vehicles. Go ahead and look it up. To what message are “we the people” acquiescing here? Just expect a black Charger or Explorer around every corner, and not bother with marked patrol vehicles whatsoever?

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