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Vox Pop- Nov. 12

Read the Bible

I hope all you whiners are happy now you got your way. Never mind that the economy is in big trouble and people are losing homes and jobs. No, that does not matter obviously. Thank you very much. Are your children going to help me when I can no longer make my mortgage payment due to being unemployed for over a year? Greedy people you are and that is what will destroy our world. Read the Bible again.

Put our money in the right place

Now that we’ve gotten a “yes” on both ballots, we hope the money will be used to educate our children. Isn’t that what the intent was?

Tell the truth

More complaints about the ‘liberal media.’ I don’t think the media are so liberal. I think they tell the truth and the conservatives don’t want to hear it.

R.I.P. Human rights panel

Following the demise of the local Human Rights Commission, an obituary is in order.

The HRC was born in 1998 into the Crow Wing County Ordinances.

The Human Rights Commission died an untimely and unexpected death on Oct. 11, 2011, in Crow Wing County. Cause of death was foul play and believed to be a result of political assassination.

The HRC was preceded in death by humanitarian interests, fairness, equal treatment, hopes for a better society, and logic.

Survivors include the state of Minnesota Human Rights statutes 363A, the U.S Constitution, many special friends, and people who care about equality.

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