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Vox Pop- Nov. 17

Do something for someone else

I see the picture of the occupiers in front of Wells Fargo, some of them holding signs about creating jobs. If they bothered to take a look in the Brainerd Dispatch in the classifieds section, there are plenty of jobs there that are available to people. Get a life. Get out there and do something else. Make yourself useful instead of standing around holding a sign. Go pick up your neighbor’s leaves. Do something for somebody else instead of standing there blocking traffic.

Whose rules?

Nice to see the county follows their own standards. They’re mowing the ditches along County Road 3 and they blow a hydraulic line. It leaves multiple gallons of oil on the road and running into the ditch where it could get into the possible natural watershed. Whose rules do they follow? Not their own.

Wolves and crosswalks

Regarding the person who wrote in stating that “something needs to be done about these wolves,” the police blotter that same day for Baxter reported three deer versus vehicle accidents and the Crow Wing Sheriff reported four such accidents. There were no reports of a wolf versus vehicle accidents. Are the wolves just better about using the crosswalks?

Project should be put on hold

The snowmobilers are grumbling about a trail at College Drive. How much taxpayer money will the city spend on an overpass or underpass for this privileged group? I’ll bet the neighbors will love hearing the loud screams of the engines at all hours. ATV owners are treated like third rate citizens while snowmobilers get whatever they want. The entire project should be put on hold and rebid if this trail is allowed.

Right of way in crosswalks

This morning I was crossing County Road 3 in the crosswalk in Merrifield. Someone in a gray car missed me by three feet (after I jumped back!). I was wearing a bright red coat so I had to be visible. Please drivers give pedestrians in crosswalks the “right of way.” Car/truck versus us, we will always lose.

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