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Vox Pop- Nov. 20

Teacher unions

After planning to vote yes on the school referendum, I decided to vote against it. What changed my mind was a school administrator reporting they did not oppose a teacher pay increase because the teachers’ health insurance cost had gone up. This was allowed even though everyone’s health insurance is going up at a reported 10 percent. What is it about union members? They have already got it made, compared the rest of the taxpayers. They keep on insisting on breaking the bank again and again. Is it greed or incompetent school negotiations?

Feeling sorry

You have to feel sorry for Jared Allen. He has played his heart out every play, every game and the rest of the team pretty much to a person looks like they’ve applied for welfare and they’re just waiting for the check to come. It’s the most pathetic season I can remember in their history and they want tax money for a new stadium? Just make sure it’s closed with no windows so we can’t see what happens.

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