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Vox Pop- Nov. 24

Wouldn’t it help?

Since the committee could not come up with any concrete budget reductions, how about if every member of Congress begin with themselves to reduce the amount of the budget — by no longer having their full salary paid them after leaving office, by having to have the same medical plans as we do (the middle class on down), and not being able to vote themselves salary increases but that the entire USA would vote on their salary increases? I have no idea how much money this might save, but it would have to help.

Stop the ‘me’ mentality

To the caller wondering why it takes so long to get a dog catcher to respond to a complaint, it’s more evidence of our society’s lack of desire to pay taxes. That’s why it takes longer to get roads repaired, plowed or a dog catcher to respond. Until we stop this ‘me’ mentality of keeping everything for me and not wanting to pay my share to the greater good and the never-ending search for tax loopholes, all of our services and quality of life will suffer in terms of what the government provides for its citizens.

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