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Vox Pop - Nov 29


Only skeptics who like to be wrong go with the Republican line they get from oil companies that denies man is causing climate change. Do they think that tens of thousands of their old classmates that became physicists and chemists have an ulterior motive beyond making their science work? Isn’t it more likely that the same filthy rich, dirty fuelers who own the media and the conservative election campaigns are also spreading the deny lies? The skeptics should be skeptical of both sides, Especially when 97 percent of the world’s climate scientists attest to the human cause of climate change.

Did I miss something?

So let me get this straight. Taylor Stevenson makes threats at a meeting and then he can’t seem to remember those comments until he finds out that someone has recorded him apologizing for those threats which he then says were inappropriate comments and when he finds out that no charges will be filed, he says he wants the end of the “political attacks” against him? Of course he’s the victim, or did I miss something?

They should be ashamed

There was a squabble at a meeting of the human rights commission. One person, in a moment of frustration, may or may have not said something that could, if stretched beyond the breaking point, be taken as a threat. The supposed threat would actually be from other people. Then there’s a call for the county attorney to investigate? What a colossal waste of time and money. Those calling for the investigation are certainly exasperating. It seems like their motive was to cause trouble. They’re gaming the system for their personal, selfish and twisted motives and should be ashamed.

Let them try and run a business

What next? Are employees in the Brainerd lakes area going to protest

working on Memorial Day or July Fourth because “those are family days, how dare my employer expect me to work?” When did businesses lose the ability to make their own decisions without their employees permission and (gasp!) actually tell their employees when they need to work? I can hear it already “Save the Fireworks.” Of course, I understand we may not have fireworks next summer since there is no money for them. Oh, but aren’t the businesses supposed to pay for that too with all the money they are making forcing those poor employees to work on a holiday? Let them try and run a business!


Let’s reflect on our thankfulness over the holiday. Did we say a prayer thanking God for all our blessings before our feast and mean it? Did we put too much emphasis on Black Friday and all its frenzied craziness? Our health and safety are far more important than material things. Were we courteous instead of rushing to the check-out ahead of others? For many people the answer is no. Let’s remember that we are all equal and we need to get back to the meaning of Thanksgiving — gratitude, sharing, compassion for the less fortunate. That’s the American basis for living.


I’m all for the county board reducing their contribution to the Brainerd Library. It is a fact that people in Emily and Fifty Lakes pay the same amount as people in Brainerd but most are not going to drive that far to use it. It is a city library that over the years managed to get laws passed to make everybody in the county pay for a city library. Please reduce the county’s contribution.

Do your job

This is in response to the “Why me” attitude. The caller just didn’t get it. It’s not about paying your fair share of taxes. It’s about doing your job. I had to do my job before I retired and I expect taxpayers to get their money’s worth. It’s nothing to do about paying more taxes or anything else. I was required to do my job well and I did and I require that of everybody else that has a job.

Offensive lines helped

Congratulations to the all-area and top 15 football players. I’d like to say congratulations to all the offensive lines who’s hard work helped make those successes and stats possible.

Property tax question

I got my proposed property tax for 2012 in the mail. I’m looking it over and I see my house has dropped in value another $20,000 and yet my bill has only dropped $23. Does that make any sense to anyone? How is it that the city of Brainerd has the gall to sit there and raise property taxes $40 for the year. Everyone’s losing money on our houses and value and stuff. Who wrote this whole thing up? A bunch of monkeys?

White House, not Wall Street

Concerning the Wall Street squatters, they are in the wrong spot. They should be in front of the White House demonstrating because there’s where the money is. They’ve made millions on Wall Street. They get all the inside information and that’s where they should be. And to the ones who fed them their Thanksgiving dinner, I wonder if they fed any of the homeless people Thanksgiving dinner?

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