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Vox Pop- Dec. 4

Brainerd’s baseball team

Will the Brainerd Lunkers be back next summer? When you call the number, it says it’s no longer a working number. My family and I love to vacation in the Brainerd lakes area in the summertime and love to attend the Lunker games. We would love to plan our next summer vacation but we’re unsure whether there is a team. Can anyone tell me?

Missed the point

The article on Pequot Lakes bus drivers missed an important point. Just as teachers manage classroom discipline so all children can learn, bus drivers do their best to maintain order and encourage fair treatment between students. We have all heard about bullying on busses. These adults not only drive the bus, but also try to make sure children act safely and appropriately. I know from my child’s experience, a kind, caring bus driver can make all the difference in a way the child feels about going to school.


First let me say, I have two dogs. Never in my wildest dreams would I have driven up to a business establishment parking lot and let those dogs out to relieve themselves on their well manicured lawn and yet, outside my office window today, a fellow did just that. No, he did not pick up the piles but instead put the two big labs back in the car and drove away. A half mile down the road and he could have been in a wooded area on a country road. In what universe is this acceptable?

Bowling ball on the foot

I sure wish there were some interesting people submitting letters to Vox Pop and the Open Forum. All I’ve been reading is “blah, blah, this, and blah blah that”.” Somebody has to have an interesting story, anyone else but the same people who contribute now; they’re about as funny as dropping a bowling ball on my foot!

Afraid to hear?

I see the chamber is hosting yet another event with legislators before the coming legislative session. During working hours, by invitation only, for a tidy fee — behind doors that are closed to all regular working men and women. Do our legislators, the chamber and The Lodge realize that many of us patronize their businesses, vote, and have concerns regarding issues as well? And that some of us who work for you have to be at work during these exclusive meetings? Will legislators ever care about working employees’ opinions at all? Perhaps afraid of what they might hear?

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Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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