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We need better

In Wednesday’s paper, “Few listeners attend sessions,” maybe people are just plain tired of legislators, council members and the like, talking the talk but not walking the talk. Most are a disgusting lot and should be voted out next election and put out on the streets to scrounge like many others. These people are paid quite handsomely with great medical insurance and retirement benefits. They fall under the same category as high-flying Wall Streeters. We need better so voters let’s do our job come next November 2012.

From its mother

To answer the DNR’s question about where the juvenile zebra mussel came from in Pelican Lake, my guess would be from its mother and 99.99 chance she is still in the same lake.

No mention of Pearl Harbor

I am very surprised in the Dec. 7 issue that there wasn’t any article in the local paper reflecting the 70 years ago the events that happened Dec. 7, 1941, the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It wasn’t even mentioned in our paper. So to all of the World War II veterans out there, a big thank you for the services because we know these are now elderly veterans, but we also want to put a big thank you out there to all our military that keeps our country safe for us.

Construction manager

I believe the airport has already gone through this whole construction manager thing with Kuepers. We have a construction manager. Why can’t government fire somebody for incompetence? Instead, they give him three-fourths of their salary and put them into a new phony position called construction manager and the taxpayers take it in the shorts again and again. When is this going to change?

Ride in the country

If the Snowdeos want to ride their snowmobiles why don’t they ride them out in the country instead of in town where they are just very disruptive?

Fabulous street lights

In response to the good ol’ days, the good ol’ days continued. What about those street lights Brainerd used to have in old Brainerd downtown? The street lights were just fabulous. I’m from the Cuyuna Range and they only reason why I wanted to go to Brainerd was to see those lights because I shopped in Crosby. The Brainerd lights in old downtown Brainerd were fabulous.

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