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Vox Pop - Dec. 25

Brainerd Public Utilities

So I get my bill today and read their newsletter. And what does it contain but a litany of excuses why they are raising everyone’s utility bill? It seems that it wasn’t that long ago we agreed to raise our sales tax to offset extra charges, but that wasn’t good enough for them.

Thanks for reporting Cass County news

I would like to thank the Brainerd Dispatch for reporting news from the Cass County Board. They say the pay rate will remain the same as last year, but then they allow step increases which means a higher salary, which sounds like a raise.  And with job losses and pages and pages of foreclosures, they can still come up with enough taxes to purchase a new gasoline fueling system, new mobile radios, more expensive internet speed and time card system. It’s a shame a newspaper 70 miles away gives us more in depth reporting than the county paper across the street.

Buildings are in rough shape

To the people complaining about the state hospital buildings being torn down, have you been in them recently? No because the public isn’t allowed access. The buildings being torn down aren’t up to code in electrical, water, heating/cooling, etc. The windows have mold around them. The people gutting the buildings are wearing protective clothing to reduce exposure to whatever might be lurking in the walls and pipes. It’d cost millions to remodel these buildings to make them livable for senior citizens or anyone else. So, unless you know the conditions of the buildings, stop complaining about them being torn down!


I would like to congratulate Brainerd on its 11.7 percent unemployment rate. Ranks No. 1 in the state for 37 weeks in a row now. The only possible improvement I could make would be to double all union employees’ salaries, double all property taxes and then stand back. You could really see a number then. Obviously, BLADC isn’t working but we keep giving it money. It needs money.

Thanks secret Santa

I would like to thank Cub’s secret Santa for the nice gift we were given on Wednesday when I was in there shopping. We are on Social Security and having a gift from a secret Santa from a major retailer like that is extremely appreciated. Thanks Cub for all your good work.

Fishermen should pay some of the bill

I’m calling in regard to these fisherman on Mille Lacs Lake. I think this is the third or fourth time this week that they had to rescue these people. I think the resort owner should take some responsibility and tell the people they shouldn’t go or block off the access. Look at what this is costing the county. I think if people go out there, they’re risking the lives of the rescue workers and it’s time they start paying some of the bill.

End before it’s too late

I agree with the person who said that in the atheist article concerning Christ not existing when in fact he does. Now the shroud of Toran has been proved an authentic and atheists and agnostics have always doubted that and they’re little atheist and agnostic spiritual journey has to end before it’s too late.

Thiede dislikes public forums?

It was reported in the newspaper that county board chairman Paul Thiede said the laws that require board members to meet in a public setting made it a challenge to provide information to all five commissioners. So now we know that he dislikes public forums and open meeting laws. Maybe he should put in an application in a county which has a job opening where the county is ruled by a dictator since he dislikes American laws and democratic process.

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