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Vox Pop - Jan. 7

Affordable health care

President Obama promised affordable health care. I pay cash for my drugs (considerable) and cash for my doctor visits. Every three months I spend what my Medicare payment will be for one month! That’s affordable? Must have a nice home in Chicago!

Fiscal responsibility

The Minnesota Republican Party is a million dollars in debt.  No, it could be a $1.7 million.  Wait it could be $2 million . . . or more.  Really?!  They want us to believe they are the party of fiscal responsibility when not only are the massively in debt, but they don’t even know by how much?  Give me a break!

Not enough ice

Noticed last Friday, that there were a few cars on the ice just at the point where the river and Rice Lake join. Are these folks crazy? There can’t be enough ice to hold the weight of an automobile. Shouldn’t the accesses be blocked off? There were quite a few heavy trucks parked on the ice close to shore. With all the near misses happening the last few weeks, this sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

Ban conibear traps

Conibear traps are a real danger to our dogs when set on the ground as they are allowed in Minn. (but not other states). You have just seconds to get a dog captured in one to save its life — they are designed to kill very quickly. Trappers are not required to report dogs that are killed so we don’t know how many are each year. But it’s obvious they are keeping good people from sharing the woods and killing good dogs, it’s time they be banned from being placed on the ground.

Remember this

Brainerd Dispatch recently reports the county board wants to change the meeting time of the Committee of the Whole. According to the article, one commissioner hasn’t attended these meetings for the past year as it conflicts with his separate job. If meeting times were changed, another commissioner stated they would not attend at that time because they have a life and it would conflict with that life. They get paid approximately $28,000 a year for two regular board meetings, and one committee meeting per month. When they campaign, they say they will represent us full time. Remember this next election.

No new stadium

I personally don’t think the Minnesota Vikings deserve a new stadium. They haven’t made it to the Super Bowl since 1977, 35 years ago. They should have to win at least half their games before asking for a new stadium.

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