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Vox Pop-Jan. 19

What a joke

Talk about the “Good Old Boys Club!” Bob Olson and Mary Koep finally got their buddy Jeff Czeczok on the Airport commission. The Brainerd City Council should get legal counsel on conflict of interest. What a joke our city council has become.

Double ditto on TV

Regarding Sunday’s Vox Pop about TV getting worse, I want to say thanks to the individual who sent this article into Vox Pop. I couldn’t have said it that well, so double ditto for you.

Description of vehicles needed

When a report of a stolen vehicle is printed in the police blotter, why is there not a description of it so the public can be on the lookout for these vehicles? One doesn’t know if the vehicle is a car, truck or anything in between. I’m asking that whenever there is a report of a stolen vehicle, the description, make, model, color and anything else that would be helpful in recovery be included in the report. Someone just might be able to give some useful information leading to recoveries of stolen property in this town.

Where’s the golf?

Every year the golf tournaments start in January but we don’t see who is playing, who wins or how much they win in the Dispatch. Maybe you prefer other sports but we pay for our paper, too. This happens every year. We all don’t have computers either.

Good old boys

Why does one council member think he can run the council, county commissioners and airport commission? Talk about good old boys. He wants his friends only on any of the committees. I don’t think we need a dictator and his buddies on the council or other committees. The other thing is the volume is so low, we can’t hardly hear the meetings. They need to speak into the mics.

Go, Olson, Go

The Brainerd Airport project receives a multi-million dollar grant and the battle ensues for the meat, gravy and fat drippings. Our tax dollars are hard at work providing cage fight drama among the city council members. Should we be selling ringside seats? I’m betting on Olson. Go, Olson, Go. Get your game on. You’re a box star.

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