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Vox Pop-Feb. 16

Website should be high priority

I am very disappointed in the school district’s Family Access site. For the second weekend in a row the web page is not available. This service is hit and miss to say the least and for the families who use this site it is very frustrating. I hope the problems with this site will finally be addressed and corrected. It should be a high priority for our district to fix this.

Many thanks

Many thanks should go to Don Samuelson for all of his efforts put forth regarding the veterans’ needs and programs. The Brainerd hospital state buildings should continue on being used. A veterans’ home would be great for the veterans and for this Brainerd area. Thanks, Don.

Count their days

Kudos to the Crosby City Council member who voted against the new high-buck city clerk. The mayor and two council members should be counting their remaining days.

Fishing extravaganza

I feel so sorry for our sheriff when he has to decide if and when the fishing extravaganza will be taking place and be responsible for thousands of people’s lives. Is it worth the horrible stress it places on him and those in charge? It never was a problem before these last year’s when the temperature has gone below zero early in December and always 30 degrees below on New Year’s Eve. Now the ice doesn’t even freeze evenly and has been dangerous for years. What does it take to wake up before it is too late?

No one does anything

The athletic director at the U of M “steps” down. Then they create a job for him with a salary of and benefits close to a half million. Every legislator is so busy trying to make themselves look like they are doing good. In the mean time no one does anything about stopping something that is clearly wrong, other than saying we can’t or it is the other guys who do not do it.


I read Mary Koep in the opinion section of the paper the other day. I am not being critical, but was just curious if there will ever be a traffic light at Sixth and Willow or at Fourth and College? Also, will Trailside park ever be completed? Just curious.

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